We are a network of volunteers, from leading professional services companies, committed to offering pro-bono consulting services to entrepreneurs from under-resourced communities.

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Through experience, NYPACE has found that entrepreneurial ventures typically fall into one of two groups: (i) established small businesses facing operational and/or strategic difficulties and (ii) nascent businesses in need of development assistance. In both cases, entrepreneurs in NYPACE’s targeted population lack access to the technical expertise, financial capital and business network needed to exploit new opportunities.

The difficulties that well-established businesses face may include poor financial controls, additional funding needs, inadequate staffing resources, growth management difficulties, operating inefficiencies, inexperienced or incompetent management and tough or advantaged competitors. By comparison, early stage businesses often need help analyzing the competitive landscape, creating realistic budgets, preparing materials for potential investors and building credibility with all potential stakeholders. NYPACE has the capability to provide assistance to entrepreneurs with any or all of these needs.

NYPACE seeks the collaboration of entrepreneurs who:

  • are committed to their business
  • reside in an under-resourced community
  • have limited formal business education or training
  • have a staff of less than 25 employees

If you are an entrepreneur and are interested in working with a team of NYPACE advisors, please send a one page executive summary of your business along with a description of how you think NYPACE can help your business to info@nypace.org or submit the form available here.

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Thank you for your support!
Stephanie George, Executive Director & the NYPACE Board of Directors

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