We are a network of volunteers, from leading professional services companies, committed to offering pro-bono consulting services to entrepreneurs from under-resourced communities.

NYPACE Testimonials

NYPACE Project: Mustaqeem’s Essentials
"My NYPACE team has been instrumental in helping Mustaqeem's Essentials build our marketing campaigns. With their help we created a 1/2 page print ad and a 45 second radio ad resulting in our biggest sales day of the year. Thank you 100 times over NYPACE, keep up the great work."
– Mustaqeem Abdul-Azeem, CEO

NYPACE Project: Tesage by Yukiko Sato
"Although I am an organized person, organizing a company is much harder than I expected. I felt that my own way of building my company structure was the way the first pig built its house with straw in Grimm's fairytale, Three Little Pigs. I have finally built a Strong Brick House with the NYPACE team like the third pig. Now our business is ready to grow!"
– Yukiko Sato, Owner

NYPACE Project: Daysi Collection
"The NYPACE team has helped me to understand the ways I can grow my business. The advice they have given me has proved to be very valuable for the marketing and financial aspects of Daysi Designs."
– Daysi Fernandez, Owner

NYPACE Project: The Parenting Training Network
"NYPACE has provided my business with invaluable advice, support, and strategic vision. NYPACE updated my business plan, created marketing presentation for me, and is now working on my website. I would highly recommend NYPACE to all startups looking for assistance growing their companies."
– Cynthia Shields, Owner

NYPACE Project: Beroep Jewlery
"NYPACE is totally helping me be positive and giving flow to my business."
– Akiko Kato, Owner

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Stephanie George, Executive Director & the NYPACE Board of Directors

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