We are a network of volunteers, from leading professional services companies, committed to offering pro-bono consulting services to entrepreneurs from under-resourced communities.

NYPACE Executive Director

Stephanie George – Executive Director
Stephanie was appointed as the Executive Director of NYPACE in late 2012. Stephanie leads NYPACE’s program management, fundraising, recruitment, and marketing efforts. Prior to joining NYPACE, Stephanie worked for Big Brothers Big Sisters where she served as a Performance Management Analyst and Mentor Manager. At Big Brothers Big Sisters in Newark, NJ, Stephanie built and ran a successful partnership and program at a local school, pairing volunteers as mentors with children in need of a positive role model. In addition Stephanie carried out small and large-scale program events, revamped data and metric reporting methods, and worked on national grants. Stephanie’s experience at Big Brothers Big Sisters and her involvement with other nonprofit organizations is valuable to building and expanding the scope of NYPACE.

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Stephanie George, Executive Director & the NYPACE Board of Directors

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