We are a network of volunteers, from leading professional services companies, committed to offering pro-bono consulting services to entrepreneurs from under-resourced communities.

NYPACE Committees

Advisor Recruiting Committee
The Advisor Recruiting Committee is responsible for generating and maintaining our pipeline of volunteer advisors. This committee develops contacts at major investment banks, consulting firms, private equity firms, accounting firms and marketing/advertising firms. Contact with these firms can range from having a current employee send an email around to his or her colleagues to generate interest in NYPACE to a more formal arrangement with community service liaisons that exist within those firms. The Advisor Recruiting Committee has a monthly conference call and interact as needed in between. This committee consists of three to five membersinteracts with the Executive Director and the NYPACE board.

Entrepreneur Recruiting Committee
The Entrepreneur Recruiting Committee is responsible for cultivating relationships with various community development and micro-lending organizations in New York City. We have found partnering with such organizations provides an effective way to source and screen entrepreneurs. The committee identifies new potential community partners and maintains a regular dialogue with current partners in order to update them on ongoing projects and to generate a consistent flow of new entrepreneurs. This committee screens and prepares potential entrepreneurs for NYPACE projects.

Fundraising and Events Committee
The Fundraising and Events Committee is responsible for assisting with fundraising efforts including sourcing grant prospects, cultivating partnerships with funders and foundations, and fundraising events. The committee helps plan and run events including those related to networking, appreciation, and fundraising. The committee develops new and exciting fundraising initiatives.

Marketing Committee
The Marketing Committee is responsible for creating NYPACE's quarterly newsletter, suggesting updates about current projects and events for the NYPACE website, and identifying other marketing opportunities. The committee coordinates with entrepreneurs, advisors, and the Board of Directors to: highlight projects that exemplify NYPACE's mission, provide notification of upcoming events, inform supporters of NYPACE's fundraising efforts, and raise awareness of the importance of small businesses to New York City. The newsletter is NYPACE's primary form of communication with its growing community of volunteers and entrepreneurs. The committee holds a monthly conference call and interacts as needed in between.

Project Quality Assurance & Training ("PQT") Committee
The Project Quality Assurance and Training ("PQT") Committee has ultimate oversight of all active NYPACE projects. Month-to-month, this involves working with NYPACE staff and volunteers to address bigger picture project issues when they arise, ensuring effective project management and, ultimately, project success. Additionally, the PQT Committee is responsible for developing and implementing NYPACE's project captain training program, developing NYPACE's institutional knowledge retention programs and developing methods to track project results. Experienced advisors or captains preferred.

Those interested in joining a committee can e-mail info@nypace.com for more information.

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Stephanie George, Executive Director & the NYPACE Board of Directors

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